Ommegang Witte Wheat Ale Review

Ommegang Witte Wheat Ale

Cooperstown, New York used to be known for the Baseball Hall of Fame. These days it is known for that and the Ommegang Brewery, which began production in 1997, has rode the craft beer craze to become a pretty large brewery while still keeping that craft beer feel and dedication. They specialize in Belgian beers and their Witte Wheat Ale is up today for review.

The Witte Wheat Ale features a sun on the can and it pours looking like the color of the sun, it is golden yellow with a slight haze and just looks like summer in a glass. There is a thick, white foam head that is creamy and fluffy like a cloud. It just looks delicious. The aroma is sweet with notes of citrus and coriander and slightly bready.

The first sip highlights the subtle citrus notes at first with touches of coriander. It finishes with a bread/yeast taste that is very pleasant on the backend. There is a slight tang of citrus at the back. It feels very light in the mouth with moderate carbonation. The head stays for a decent amount of time and laces the glass well as you drink.

The beer stayed pretty consistent throughout the process. The head eventually disappeared but the lacing stayed.

Overall this is a pretty good offering from Ommegang. It is slightly different from your typical wheat ale but in a good way. It is very drinkable and one could definitely go through several in a session and at 5.2% ABV it won’t hurt you too much. It is smooth and refreshing and the creamy head that it forms makes it a very good summer beer.

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