Victory HopDevil IPA Review

Victory Hop Devil IPA

Once again we are reviewing a Victory product. This time it is their HopDevil IPA. India Pale Ale was an invention of the British to get ale across the long and difficult sea journey from England to India. Previously, beer had a difficult time lasting the journey but the IPA recipe allowed British citizens and soldiers living in India to enjoy a good beer. That recipe has been the driving force behind the craft brew craze in the United States in recent years as it allows the hops to take center stage and offer a new and intriguing taste to consumers.

HopDevil pours a copperish amber color with a nice thick, white head that lets you know you are going to see some good lacing as you drink. The aroma is one of hops, citrus, subtle notes of pine, malt, and a hint of caramel or toffee.

The first sip has the hop bitterness you expect from a beer named HopDevil but it mellows as the malt comes through but still leaves that dry, bitter aftertaste that an IPA is known for. The dry finish leaves you wanting another sip. There were also notes of sweetness and slight citrus after the initial hop hit. There is moderate carbonation that kept its consistency throughout.

This beer laced the glass nicely, leaving tiny bubbles of suds behind to fondly remind you of previous sips. The head didn’t last as long as I would like but there was still a top lace throughout the beer but the initial head disappeared five sips in. That isn’t a negative, however, as the beer laced the glass all the way to the end.

Overall this is a good beer to sit back, relax and sip any time of the year. It is hoppy like an IPA should be and has a malty finish that still somehow manages to be dry and refreshing. At 6.7% ABV it is a good offering for just about any kind of session. This is a solid IPA that you won’t mind having again, as for me I’m going to go grab another one.

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