New Belgium Dayblazer Easygoing Ale Review

New Belgium Dayblazer

New Belgium Brewing from Fort Collins, Colo. has become fairly well known in recent years. They currently offer over 25 different brews with Dayblazer Easygoing Ale among their larger offerings. The brewery advertises Dayblazer as a “deliciously refreshing golden ale, at 4.8% ABV, brewed with the finest malts and hops giving a sweet, crisp citrus finish with just a hint of honey.”

The beer pours a golden color which one would expect with their sun emblem and the name. There was a moderate white foam that grew to about a finger and a quarter at its top height. The aroma was very subtle. There were notes of honey and some bread notes but the aroma is very faint.

The first sip was interesting. There were very faint notes of honey followed by a little citrus tang that seemed to linger on the bitter areas of the taste buds for a moment. There is a decent amount of carbonation, similar to what you would get with your typical Budweiser or Miller but just a shade less. It does finish crisp and a little dry.

The glass laced pretty well with one side of my glass actually being heavily laced as if a doily had been placed on that side.

Overall, this beer isn’t going to knock your socks off. It is a solid beer but also very familiar. If you have ever had beer in your life you have probably had something similar to this. That isn’t a bad thing. You almost wish for more citrus or more honey, or even both, to make it stand out some more. This is one you can literally drink all day. It is crisp and refreshing and can easily become a session beer for those wanting something a little different than your run of the mill, mainstream beer.

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