Great Lakes Brewing Company Holy Moses White Ale Review

Great Lakes Holy Moses

Great Lakes Brewing Company began brewing their beer in the 1980s in the Ohio City section of Cleveland, Ohio. Their beers have gone on to win several awards over the years and they should be credited with helping spur America’s craft beer craze that is still gaining steam to this day. Today they produce over 20 different beers in a wide variety of styles. Today’s review tackles their Holy Moses White Ale.

As you probably figured, Holy Moses White Ale is a witbier and is offered year-round. The beer poured a hazy yellow-gold with a foamy, white head that stood a little over a finger tall. The aroma was one of yeast, bread, a note of citrus, and some spice. There wasn’t too much carbonation seen. The bubbles rising to the top were small and you had to look closely to see them through the slight haze of the beer.

The first sip is exactly what a witbier, or white ale, should be. Notes of yeast, bread, grains, citrus, and spice were all present and meshed well. With some white ales the yeast or the citrus can dominate the flavor but this beer was well balanced. The beer laced the glass well as it drank. The flavor profile followed the nose very well. The beer was light in the mouth with some slight carbonation. It finished crisp and was very refreshing.

Overall, this is a good beer. If you like white ales you won’t be disappointed. It doesn’t offer any surprises, is balanced, and refreshes. It clocks in at 5.4% ABV so this is something you can enjoy wherever and whenever. It’s just a good beer.

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