Victory Brewing Cloud Walker Review

Victory Cloud Walker

Unfortunately, we are living in unprecedented times with about one billion people around the globe staying at home due to Covid-19. However, that doesn’t mean we are going to stop doing our reviews. We here at The Sporting Brews will try to keep delivering fun beer reviews and maybe some other content to help fill the void. With that said we hope this finds you well and hopefully life will return to normal sooner rather later.

Victory Brewing Company was founded in 1996 in Downingtown, Penn. by childhood friends Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet. They opened a larger brewery in 2014 in Parkesburg, Penn. and now serve their craft beers in over 30 states across the Union. Up for review today is Cloud Walker, a hazy juicy IPA.

Cloud Walker pours a hazy, golden yellow with a white, foamy head that stood about one finger tall at its height. The aroma of citrusy hops fills the nostrils and tantalizes the taste buds for what is about to come. There is a nice even citrus smell that doesn’t overpower but is rather welcoming. It is sweet and teases the hops.

The first taste is sweet citrus hops followed by a touch of malt on the back. It feels very light in the mouth and finishes slightly on the dry side. It is actually a very pleasant first experience. There is isn’t too much carbonation but just enough to enhance the experience. It definitely leaves you desiring another sip.

Throughout the session Cloud Walker stayed consistent. A nice, refreshing citrus hit up front, followed by a mellower malt, then a dry, hoppy-citrus finish. The head didn’t stay very long and as the beer drank the color did change to a paler yellow which was odd but didn’t affect the overall experience. The taste was always there and always the same to the very end. The hops weren’t overwhelming so if you aren’t big on hops this might be a nice IPA for you to try.

Overall, this was a good beer. The flavor profile was consistent and inviting. This could be a great session beer but at 6.8% ABV it does pack a punch but it does not have an alcohol taste which is pleasant but can be dangerous. I would definitely buy this again, especially in the summer at a ballgame or BBQ. This is worth giving a try.

Victory Brewing Company’s Mighty Things Imperial IPA Review

Mighty Things

We have reviewed several beers from Victory Brewing Company. You can check those out by clicking here. Up for review today is their Mighty Things Imperial IPA.

Mighty Things IPA pours a hazy, golden straw color. Some bubbles can be seen rising to the surface to the head. The head stood about one-and-a-half fingers tall at its height but the head didn’t last very long. It was white, foamy, and inviting when it lasted though. The aroma is fairly complex. Notes of hops, citrus, peach or apricot, and maybe mango are noticed right away. There is also a note of pine as well but it is faint.

The flavor followed the nose for the most part. The earthy, piney, and citrusy notes of the hops are noted but not overwhelming. There is a sweetness from apricot or peach and possibly mango noted. That is followed by your earth tones of pine and hops. The beer is medium-bodied and clings a bit to the tongue and throat. There is light to medium carbonation. With an IPA of any sort you kind of expect a dry finish but this finish is not that. It has a wet finish that is oddly satisfying though the beer does finish heavier than it feels at first sip.

The glass laced a lot more than I thought it would given the quickly dissipating head. The lacing ranged from minimal to slightly moderate even without a head remaining in the beer. That was actually kind of impressive.

Overall, this was a unique beer. It seemed to improve as it drank. Perhaps it was a mellowing of the apricot/mango flavors and a taming of the hops. Maybe taste buds just got used to the flavor. Who knows? What is known is this is an interesting take on your typical IPA. It lacks the dry bite of your typical IPA but it has a decent finish, even if it is a little different from what you’re expecting. It does clock in at 8.3% ABV, which was a bit surprising given the lack of an alcohol taste. It might not be a session beer but it is worth giving a try and if you’re more of a sipper than a drinker this could be right up your alley if the flavor profile agrees with you. I wouldn’t mind drinking one of these every now and then.

Victory Sour Monkey Review

Victory Sour Monkey

Victory Brewing Company of Downingtown, Pa. has certainly helped the push in craft brewing over the years. They have also been known to push the envelope from time to time. Their Sour Monkey offering, a sour, brettanomyces tripel, certainly does push the envelope.

Any time you get a beer that advertises it being sour you never know what to expect. There are so many ways a beer can be made sour and so many different sour profiles that each offering seems to stand out among their peers. Sour Monkey, according to their can, is a “sour, brettanomyces-fermented tripel [that] puts a tastefully tart twist on Golden Monkey’s sweet, fruity essence with its sharp, citrus-laden tang.”

The beer poured a yellow gold with slight haze but only a half-finger head that was light and bright white. The head dissipated fairly rapidly but a nice ring remained around the glass which let you know you were going to potentially get some good lacing. The aroma is a little sweet with sour notes.

The first sip was very interesting. The carbonation is moderate and the beer feels very light in the mouth. It comes at you sweet at first, albeit subtly, then you get the sour notes. The first sip was really sour but the sour calmed as the beer drank. The beer is dry and crisp and finishes dry, crisp, and sour. It has hard cider-like dry finish but with a little tang from the citrus.

If you don’t like sour you aren’t going to like this beer. This is definitely a sipping beer, unless you’re the type of person that used to put the whole bag of sour patch kids in your mouth as a kid. This beer won’t be for everyone but it does offer some pleasant change of pace flavor if you are doing a longer session. At 9.5% ABV you will definitely want to take your time with this one but it can be a very enjoyable beer.

Victory HopDevil IPA Review

Victory Hop Devil IPA

Once again we are reviewing a Victory product. This time it is their HopDevil IPA. India Pale Ale was an invention of the British to get ale across the long and difficult sea journey from England to India. Previously, beer had a difficult time lasting the journey but the IPA recipe allowed British citizens and soldiers living in India to enjoy a good beer. That recipe has been the driving force behind the craft brew craze in the United States in recent years as it allows the hops to take center stage and offer a new and intriguing taste to consumers.

HopDevil pours a copperish amber color with a nice thick, white head that lets you know you are going to see some good lacing as you drink. The aroma is one of hops, citrus, subtle notes of pine, malt, and a hint of caramel or toffee.

The first sip has the hop bitterness you expect from a beer named HopDevil but it mellows as the malt comes through but still leaves that dry, bitter aftertaste that an IPA is known for. The dry finish leaves you wanting another sip. There were also notes of sweetness and slight citrus after the initial hop hit. There is moderate carbonation that kept its consistency throughout.

This beer laced the glass nicely, leaving tiny bubbles of suds behind to fondly remind you of previous sips. The head didn’t last as long as I would like but there was still a top lace throughout the beer but the initial head disappeared five sips in. That isn’t a negative, however, as the beer laced the glass all the way to the end.

Overall this is a good beer to sit back, relax and sip any time of the year. It is hoppy like an IPA should be and has a malty finish that still somehow manages to be dry and refreshing. At 6.7% ABV it is a good offering for just about any kind of session. This is a solid IPA that you won’t mind having again, as for me I’m going to go grab another one.

Victory Prima Pils Review

Victory Prima Pils

Victory Brewing Company has been in the craft beer business for over two decades now. They have helped lead a revolution of sorts in beer brewing in that time and have become a fairly large brewery but have kept their craft brew roots. Their Prima Pils features whole flower European hops and German malts. It is a slightly different take than your typical American pilsner.

The pour looks like a pilsner but with a more golden hue. It is clear and golden and looks inviting like a swimming pool on a hot summer day. There is a nice white foam head that I got to about two fingers to help fill the glass. There was a nice aroma upon pouring. Hops, grains, malt and a little floral note were present.

The first sip let you know you were drinking something more than a typical pilsner. The hops were evident but not overwhelming. There were notes of citrus and malt. The beer was light in the mouth and crisp with just the right amount of carbonation. There was a smoothness and dry finish that left you wanting more but also feeling like you just sipped something refreshing.

The beer had good lacing throughout the session. It kept a decent head for quite some time and even laced the bottom of my glass when finished. It was a lot of fun to drink as the patterns of lacing were very appealing.

The beer was consistent with its flavor throughout the session. It was flavorful, consistent, attractive to look at, and refreshing. It clocks in at 5.3% ABV so this can easily be something you drink throughout the night. A nicely done offering from Victory.