SweetWater Brewing Company’s Goin’ Coastal Review

Goin Coastal

SweetWater Brewing Company’s Goin’ Coastal is an IPA with pineapple. It sounds like a great addition to a summer lineup. Today we find out if it is.

The beer poured a hazy gold with a solid white head that got to a little over a finger before dissipating (I blame the glass on this one). There is a fair amount of bubbles rising slowly to the surface, almost as if they don’t want to go to the top of the glass. The aroma is one of pineapple and hops with a little pine mixed in from the hops.

The first sip is actually a bit of a shock. I mean this in a good way. You would expect a lot of pineapple to assault your senses but that just isn’t the case here at all. The pineapple taste is present at the beginning of the sip but you get the hoppy presence of the IPA on the follow through. It is well balanced, which is surprising as it is easy to mess a sweet fruit and IPA merger up. This is just well balanced.

This beer is an IPA with notes of pineapple. The pineapple doesn’t take center stage but rather compliments the IPA in a great way. The hops aren’t overshadowed.

As the beer drank it kept its consistency and flavor. There was a fair amount of lacing on the glass. I feel there would have been more but I blame my glass for this. There was a thin layer of foam on top of the beer throughout which provided the lacing.

Goin’ Coastal clocks in at 6.1% ABV so this is something you can enjoy during the day. It is sweet enough to make it interesting without being overly sweet. This is a fun beer that finds its balance between being just right in the sweet department while staying true to its IPA roots.

SweetWater Tropical Lover Review

SweetWater Tropical Lover

SweetWater Brewing Company was founded in 1997 in Atlanta, Ga. and has steadily grown since. They currently offer six year-round brews, a special series of six beers, and one seasonal, Tropical Lover, is up for review today.

Tropical Lover is a Berliner Weisse with mango, passion fruit, and guava. The beer poured a clear gold color with a decent head and a lot of bubbles. The head disappeared rather quickly and you could hear the carbonation coming to the top. The aroma was fruity with guava and mango taking the lead. There is a little faint aroma of hops as well.

Given the amount of carbonation that I saw, and heard, upon pouring I expected this beer to be very bubbly. That wasn’t the case though. There was moderate carbonation which was a nice surprise. I would imagine if you are drinking straight from the can there might be a different story with the carbonation.

The first sip was a bit of a surprise. You expect a sweet beer but this beer was subtle in its sweetness and tart at the finish, giving your bitter areas of your taste buds an awakening. The beer feels light in the mouth, like a typical beer and finishes a little dry with that tart kick. The sour notes linger in the back of the throat for a minute. There was no lacing on my glass and I’m not sure if this was due to my glass or the beer.

Overall, this is definitely a summer beer. If you don’t like sour or tart you will not like this. However, I found it refreshing and the dry, tart finish had me wanting another sip. It is a decent take on a Berliner Weiss and while I would have it again I wouldn’t make this a session beer but would insert it into a lineup for a change of pace.