5 New York Yankees Players You Would Love To Have a Beer With

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There was a time when the New York Yankees were known for their drinking and rowdy ways. Well, at the time they weren’t known for it because the media kept it quiet back then but these days we know all about the Billy Martin, Mickey Mantle, and Whitey Ford stories and those teams. However, the Yankees underwent a bit of culture change when George Steinbrenner took over. To be sure, there were still some big drinkers with the team but things seemed to calm down a bit. There were still some good stories though and a few interesting personalities. These are some of those Yankees from 1990 to the present that you would probably love to have a beer with. Just a note here, we don’t condone heavy drinking or abusing alcohol.

David Cone – Cone had quite the history of heading out to the bars and clubs when he was with the New York Mets. When he came to the Yankees though things got a little quiet. But Cone was still heading out and getting his partying in. Now that he is retired and doing broadcasts he will hint at his lifestyle every now and then. He even mentioned doing a bar crawl during a YES broadcast this season. That is one night we would love to be a part of.

Wade Boggs – Boggs is well known for his habit of eating chicken but is also known for his ability to pound quite a few beers. Jeff Nelson once said that Boggs could pound at least 50 beers in a single trip, which he said would take up to seven hours from stadium to stadium, to the West Coast. Paul Sorrento, who played with Boggs in Tampa Bay put the number closer to 70. Boggs himself has said on numerous occasions he has had over 100 beers in a single night. It doesn’t matter if those stories are true. He obviously can put them away. We won’t be able to keep pace but if you are starting a team for Beerfest or looking for a partner in a drinking game then Boggs would be your man.

Jason Giambi – There have been reports that Giambi would have a beer with a teammate or two while in the dugout. You can just look at Giambi and know he probably isn’t far from a beer and is probably a blast at the bar. While these are just unconfirmed rumors there are a lot of stories out there from every team about drinking habits, including during the game. Is it really that shocking that these guys would grab a beer or two?

Roger Clemens – Clemens, according to the rumors mentioned above with Giambi, was often the teammate Giambi was sharing a beer with in the dugout. Clemens has been known to have a beer or two. As long as you don’t make Clemens mad he seems like he would be fun to have a beer with. He certainly has some great stories to share.

David Wells – Everyone knows the story about the night before his perfect game. Reports say he was hungover that day. That wouldn’t be surprising. There were enough snippets of stories to come out about the celebration of the perfect game to let everyone know that Wells can have a few. Wells has to be a lot of fun at the bar and probably has a million great stories. He also looks like he is a professional corn hole player so he might be good to have on your team.

5 Really Early NL MVP Candidates

Bryce Harper

With the Major League Season underway, but not quite three weeks old yet, we are looking at players off to great starts who could have a chance to win their league MVP. You can find the 5 Early AL MVP Candidates here. We know it’s early but we are having fun, you know that thing sports is supposed to be. Here are five early candidates for NL MVP. Don’t get hung up on the order, this isn’t a ranking.

Charlie Blackmon, OF, Colorado Rockies – The 31-year-old outfielder is picking up right where he left off last season when he emerged as an MVP candidate. Blackmon currently ranks second in the NL in home runs with seven and has scored 13 runs and driven in 13 runs. He is slashing .309/.387/.745 so far in this young season. In case you were keeping score at home, Blackmon is on pace for 60 home runs this year. After hitting 37 last season there is no counting him out and making a run at 50 if he keeps up this hot streak for a little while.

Ozzie Albies, 2B, Atlanta Braves – The Braves are 9-7 as of this writing, a pretty solid start for a team not many thought would compete yet. Albies has played a big part in the Braves’ positive start. He has belted five home runs, eight doubles, a triple and scored 16 runs while driving in 11. Not bad for the first 71 at-bats of the season. Last year, in 217 at bats he hit six home runs, nine doubles, and five triples. Albies is one of the most exciting young players in baseball and at 21, one of the youngest in the game. He might not be a household name just yet but he will be and maybe as early as this year.

Bryce Harper, OF, Washington Nationals – At age 25 and about to hit free agency, Harper is leading the Majors in home runs with eight. In case you were wondering that is a pace that would give him 72 home runs. He has almost as many home runs as he does singles and doubles. He is slashing a healthy .304/.482/.750 and his 23 walks puts him on pace for 207 on the season. He has scored 17 runs, a pace of 153 over a full season and driven in 18, a pace of 162. Some of his performance might not be sustainable but the 2015 NL MVP could shatter some personal bests this year.

Yadier Molina, C, St. Louis Cardinals – Molina has gotten off to a great start this year. He already has five home runs, a pace that would give him 48 over a full season, and has driven in 12 runs, a pace good for 112 at this rate. He is slashing .286/.303/.540 and he plays a position where offense is more of a bonus these days. Molina’s career high for home runs was 22 and came back in 2012. Can he put together what would be a career year by a long shot at age 35 while handling the grueling duties that come with his position? Maybe not but right now his start, and his position, puts him in the conversation for 2018 NL MVP.

Patrick Corbin, SP, Arizona Diamondbacks – Corbin is off to one heck of a start with a 1.65 ERA, 0.70 WHIP, and 37 strikeouts in 27.1 innings. He looks absolutely dominant on the mound this year. Yes, it is only 27.1 innings but he has been unhittable at time this year. In an era where the ball is juiced you can’t discount the year Corbin is having. Is this the year he finally puts it all together and dominates? It very well could be. After all, who predicted Jake Arrieta would suddenly put it all together at 27 after a couple of horrendous years in Baltimore. Corbin could very well be in the process of putting it all together.

5 Really Early AL MVP Candidates

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The Major League Baseball season isn’t yet three weeks old. However, there are some interesting players already putting together what could be amazing seasons. Sure, a lot can happen between now and September but where is the fun in waiting? We present the five early AL MVP candidates for your perusal.

Mike Trout, OF, Los Angeles Angels – We start with a perennial favorite to win the award. Trout is still simply the best player in the game right now and the Angels are off to a hot start. He likely would have won the award last year had he stayed healthy. This year he is tied for the league lead in home runs and has scored 15 runs while driving in 13. His current pace would have him hit 57 home runs, score 143 runs, and drive in 124 while also walking 124 times. Those are certainly MVP numbers and the 57 home runs, while it would be a career high for him, aren’t out of the realm of possibility.

Shohei Ohtani, DH-SP, Los Angeles Angels – Ohtani is living up to all the hype early in his first season, both on the mound and at the plate. In eight games, Ohtani has three home runs, 11 RBI, five runs scored, and is slashing .367/.424/.767. On the mound he dominating. He has struck out 19 over 15 innings and has won two of his three decisions while pitching to a 3.60 ERA and 0.80 WHIP. Individually, Ohtani’s numbers might be nothing to rave about but when you combine his pitching and hitting performances it is hard to argue he isn’t an MVP candidate. Time will tell if he can hold up over the course of a full year. He has already been pulled from his last start because of blisters. However, the start he is having, and his talent, combine to make him an early candidate.

Aaron Judge, OF, New York Yankees – Judge finished last season as the runner-up to Jose Altuve in the AL MVP race. So far, he is showing last year was no fluke. He is already slashing .339/.480/.593 with four home runs, 15 runs scored, 11 RBI, and three doubles. Will he penalized by voters for now having the reigning 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton on his team this year? That is hard to say. What isn’t hard to say is the reigning 2017 AL Rookie of the Year is off to a great start and might even surpass last year’s prodigious numbers.

Mookie Betts, OF Boston Red Sox – Betts was a favorite among prognosticators last season to win the AL MVP. However, Betts struggled to find his power last year, along with the rest of the Red Sox. This year is a different story. Betts is off to a hot start and has helped lead the Red Sox to a MLB-best 14-2 start. He has already crushed five home runs, scored 19 runs, driven in 13 runs, and has walked (10) more than he has struck out (6). He is also slashing .389/.493/.796. This kind of start will put you into the MVP discussion.

Didi Gregorius, SS, New York Yankees – Gregorius might be the biggest surprise this side of Ohtani. On a team with preseason MVP candidates like Judge, Stanton, and Gary Sanchez, Gregorius might be having the best year among them. He has slashed .333/.464/.804, clubbed five home runs, scored 14 runs, driven in 16 runs, knocked seven doubles and one triple, and has walked 14 times compared to just four strikeouts. Gregorius showed last year that he was a good ballplayer. He has improved every year since taking over for Derek Jeter. However, he has really put it together this year and his hot start is getting noticed. He might not keep this pace up since it would blow his career norms away but imagine what would happen if he did keep this pace up. He is currently on pace for 51 home runs, 10 triples, 71 doubles, 162 RBI, 142 runs scored, 142 BBs, and just 41 Ks. That would be a season for the record books.