Devils Backbone Danzig Baltic Porter Review

DB Danzig Porter

The Devils Backbone Brewing Company, located in Roseland, Virginia, might be owned by a large company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, but they are geared towards craft brewing. Established in 2008 by Steven Crandall, they have maintained true to developing new and interesting takes on beer. Up today is one of their winter offerings, Danzig Baltic Porter.

Danzig Baltic Porter pours a deep coffee black with a tan head that resembled toffee or caramel. The head quickly dissipated shortly after pouring. This is a dark beer, as one would expect from a porter. The aroma offers notes of malt, toasted malts, a hint of caramel and coffee. Nothing is overpowering and the aromatics are kind of subdued but when noticed are pleasant.

The first sip is heavenly. The malt is up front and is quickly followed by chocolate, coffee, and caramel. There is a tiny hint of hops on the back end. There is a comforting feeling when it hits your tongue, like you wouldn’t mind being curled up on a cold, snowy winter’s day with a few of these in front of a fireplace. The mouthfeel is on the medium side but the finish is smooth and creamy. It finishes with a little hop dryness which makes you want another sip almost immediately.

The carbonation was light, as one would expect from the way the head formed and dissipated. The taste stayed consistent for the most part. There were times where dark chocolate and caramel dominated the sip while at other times you noticed a more bitter coffee taste. It didn’t matter because every sip was inviting and full of flavor.

Overall, this was an excellent beer. If you like dark beers like porters and stouts you should enjoy this. I wish I had more than one from my sampler pack but alas another trip to the beer store will be necessary. There is a reason this won bronze at the 2018 World Beer Cup. I am a fan and will be looking out for this one. It is definitely worth a try if you enjoy porters or stouts.

Devil’s Backbone Gold Leaf Lager Review

Devils Backbone Gold Leaf Lager

Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company out of Lexington, Va., has been around since 2008. In 2016 they were bought by Anheuser-Busch InBev though they have stayed true to their craft beer roots. They have several different offerings including Gold Leaf Lager.

God Leaf Lager is a golden lager with 4.5% ABV. It pours a clear, golden yellow with a fairly decent white, foamy head that was about a finger tall. There was some nice bubbling rising to the top. The aroma was one of malt though it was faint.

The first sip offers a decent mix between bready malt and grassy, floral hops. The grainy, bready malt takes the forefront here. The beer is crisp with moderate carbonation. It has a light-bodied feel in the mouth and finishes a little on the dry side.

Throughout the beer there was a nice consistency to the Gold Leaf Lager. There is a bit of a European-style taste to the beer. The malt and hops definitely remind one of a European brew but there is a lightness to this beer that make it a little easier to drink. The carbonation stayed the same and the head, though disappearing quickly, formed a nice ring around the glass with some lacing.

Overall, this is a fairly good beer. There are many like it but this one was good. It has a nice balance between malt and hops and is smooth enough to drink quickly but crisp enough to satisfy those in a sipping mood. This is a beer you can enjoy any time of the day or year.