Blue Point Hoptical Illusion East Coast IPA Review

Blue PPoint Hoptical Illusion

Blue Point Brewing Company’s Hoptical Illusion is an East Coast IPA with 7% ABV. The beer poured a light amber with some decent amount of bubbles which formed a nice, thick, white head. There was a bit of a haze upon pouring but that actually went away and the beer became more clear.

There is a nice aroma with notes of citrus, an earthy grass, hops, and a bready note. The beer has a light citrus note up front that gives way to the hops and malt. For a beer labeled Hoptical Illusion you almost expect a lot more hops than you get here. It was almost a surprise to have so little hops on the back end of the beer. That isn’t a bad thing, just a surprise. There is a little pine mixed in with the hops, though very subtle. There is also another sweet fruitiness up front that is hard to place. Perhaps peach? It’s subtle but present.

The beer feels medium in the mouth, with a smoothness that borders on creamy. There is moderate carbonation and the head, while dissipated, still floats on top and leaves some serious lacing on the glass. It kept a consistent taste throughout the drink. The dryness of the hops at the end make you want another sip and that fruity opening welcomes you.

Overall this is a decent beer. It won’t stand out for those that love hops and it might be too hoppy for those that don’t like a hoppy beer. However, it is a nice beer that would be best for people who are hops fans but don’t like overwhelming hops as some IPAs tend to do. It is certainly drinkable for most beer fans and some will love it while others will find it underwhelming. A decent mid-range beer when its all said and done.