Pabst APA Review

Pabst American Pale Ale
Chris Gamble

Pabst, proprietors of the infamous Pabst Blue Ribbon, have introduced a new beer in the market and it is pretty damn good. Pabst American Pale Ale is a pretty solid addition to the beer community. It won’t blow your socks off but it is easy to drink and offers a little flavor for those that love simple but wish for something a little elegant.

Pabst’s American Pale Ale is, as you probably have imagined, their take on the Pale Ale craze that seems to be hitting the country. This offering is a little hoppy but not overwhelmingly so. The aromatics tantalize a hoppy beer but one that is smooth and not overwhelmingly hoppy as some IPAs seem to be offering these days. So many beer companies seem to be offering an IPA or some equivalent and it is getting a little overwhelming, and in some cases underwhelming. Pabst APA isn’t quite an IPA but it offers enough flavor and hoppiness to fall into that ever-widening category.

If you are an IPA lover you might find this beer a little weak. If you are a pilsner, ale, or typical beer drinker looking for a little flavor without being shocked by hops then you might really enjoy this beer.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of many Pale Ales out there. However, Pabst’s American Pale Ale is pretty drinkable. It has just the right amount of Pale Ale flavor while still being smooth enough that even a Coors Light drinker will appreciate it.

Pabst American Pale Ale seems like a perfect entry from Pabst into the “craft beer” market. I use quotes there because Pabst is an experienced beer maker with a fairly large following. This beer would probably disappoint Pale Ale lovers but could offer a great flavor profile change for this who are used to drinking lower end beers.

All in all this is a solid beer. It isn’t great and is far from awful. I am someone who enjoys Pabst Blue Ribbon for what it is. I do that with almost all beer. What Pabst American Pale Ale really is is a flavor change-up for those who don’t want to spend the cash on your typical India Pale Ale. Not everyone will like it or love it but most will be able to drink it.