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Mercedes is still Monè


Mercedes Monè FKA Sasha Banks in WWE was always a needle mover in the company. She would routinely have the highest rated TV segments, sell merchandise, create traffic on social media and anything else you can think of. The question then was it the WWE machine and not Sasha Banks? Well Sasha Banks is gone and Mercedes Moné is here in New Japan and nothing has changed. The evidence continues to mount up that she continues to be a needle mover.

In Nov of 2022, Mercedes would create hype on her IG saying “something so fucking crazy is coming”. We would soon find out what that was as Mike Johnson of PWI Insider would break the news that New Japan Wrestling would be bringing her in for their biggest event known as WrestleKingdom. The rumors would persist until they became a reality when Mercedes Monè appeared at WrestleKingdom. That event with rumors of Mercedes appearing would generate 92K unique viewers which was a record number as well as 40K+ new subscriptions to NJPW World streaming service to watch the event. NJPW would immediately say that Monè was a huge part of the subscriptions and viewers. Mercedes was also the main thing trending under WrestleKingdom all hours of the night.

On Feb 18th at Battle in the Valley in San Jose CA, Monè would challenge Kairi for the IWGP title in a match announced at WrestleKingdom. In just 4 days, the event would sell out with tickets going for as high as $500 due to the Ticketmaster price surging for hot events. New Japan Wrestling would again credit that Monè was responsible for selling out the arena. The same show in the same arena 2 years prior to this event would only sell 65% of the seats. The event with Monè vs Kairi as the only match announced was a 💯 sell out. The CEO of NJPW Takami Ohbari would bring attention to it as well by tweeting the seat map with every seat sold.

Following Mercedes winning the title at Battle in the Valley she would defend the title on April 8 at Sakura Genesis. The event would start around 3AM ET and all other hours all over the world. Yet again, people would subscribe to NJPW world to watch Moné defend her championship against Azumi and Hazuki. The event would trend all hours of the early morning with NJPW trending top 5 in the United States with Monè once again being the key factor.

Two weeks later, the partner company Stardom Wrestling would hold their biggest all women’s pay per view that had a dream match of Monè vs Mayu Iwatani . Hours before the event, social media was again buzzing with excitement. During the event, commentary would acknowledge that it was Stardom’s biggest gate for wrestling ever and that Monè was the biggest factor as the biggest star on the show. After the event, Stardom would tweet out that the event had 5X more buys than any of their other events in history.

Since leaving the WWE, Mercedes Monè has continued to become one of the most successful and popular female wrestlers in the world.

Mercedes Monè is also a fan favorite. She has a huge following of fans who tune in every week to watch her matches and cheer her on. She is an inspiration to many young wrestlers and an example of what hard work and dedication can accomplish.

Mercedes Monè is a true superstar of the wrestling world and is sure to continue to make waves in the industry for years to come.

Sasha Banks was always a needle mover in WWE and outside of WWE now known as Mercedes Monè it continues. The media is even finally starting to acknowledge it the way they never did with WWE in the past to fit their own agendas. However, there’s only so much facts you can ignore. Mercedes is still indeed money.

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