Blue Point Winter Ale Review

Blue Point Brewing Company out of Long Island, NY, has emerged as one of the larger craft breweries with their award-winning brews served almost nation-wide at this point. One of their seasonal offerings is their Winter Ale.

Winter Ale pours a deep amber color, which is good because they advertise this as an amber ale. There is a nice, slightly tannish, perhaps khaki, head that rose to about two fingers at its height. The beer looks delicious. The aroma is one of caramel, hops, and a hint of chocolate. It is definitely an intriguing aroma that invites you in. There is moderate carbonation seen rising to the top to reinforce the head. This beer looks and smells great.

The first sip is pleasant and somewhat follows the nose. There is a toffee, caramel note followed by a little hops and a smooth chocolate finish if your taste buds are paying attention. It is a subtle chocolate taste. Perhaps it’s just the toffee mixing with the malts and hops but whatever it is is very pleasant. The toffee and malt notes take center stage, however, and that isn’t a bad thing.

Throughout the session the taste was consistent. Winter Ale was a little warming to the core which is kind of what you want from a winter brew that advertises that. It wasn’t overwhelming but rather nice and subtle. The taste was consistent throughout though I did notice a few sips to have more of a chocolate taste than other times. The mouthfeel is on the light side of medium with a warm, welcoming finish that is both smooth and crisp. There was a little bite at the end of the smoother finish which was a little unexpected yet welcomed.

Overall, this is a beer you can cozy up to. At 7.7% ABV this beer also has the ability to cozy up to you so caution is in play here. The taste makes it easy to drink and that can be dangerous. It is a very drinkable beer and you could make this a session beer if you are responsible. As for this being an amber ale, well it is on the heavier side of that. I would definitely order this again or pick up a six-pack if I see it. Long Island might not contribute much but it sure does make a good beer ad for that we are thankful.

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