O’Fallon Cherry Chocolate Beer Review

O’ Fallon Brewery out of Maryland Heights, Missouri is a growing brewery that offers many different types of beers. Between their year-round brews, seasonals, and beers in between there are well over 20 beers produced. One of their three winter offerings is their Cherry Chocolate Beer, a dark wheat beer.

The beer poured with an almost cola color. There was almost no head which may or may not have been the result of the glass. The aroma is definitely one of cherry and chocolate with some undertones on malt. There was very little carbonation seen.

Upon first sip you instantly get what this beer advertises. It is cherry and chocolate with a slight alcohol note. It is very similar to those chocolates with the alcohol and cherry inside. I can’t remember their name but if you cut the alcohol flavor back a bit on the candy these would be identical in flavor. Or, like you added a touch of alcohol to a cherry Tootsie Pop. It is actually pretty good.

Throughout the session the flavor profile was consistent. Chocolate and cherry. Both flavors played well with the beer. The mouthfeel was on the medium side but not overly so. There was some carbonation that tickled the tongue but nothing too outrageous.

Overall, this beer is exactly as advertised. It is an alcoholic cherry Tootsie Pop in liquid form. If you were expecting something different then there might be no hope for you. This is a definite dessert beer as I can’t imagine having too many of these. A six pack would last a few sessions for sure. It was fun to drink though and at 5.7% ABV it won’t sneak up on you. If the name sounds tasty to you give it a try.

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