Flying Dog Cookies and Cream Milk Stout Review

Flying Dog Cookies and Cream

Flying Dog Brewery out of Frederick, Maryland has come up with a wide variety of interesting flavors. One such rotating flavor is their Cookies and Cream offering, a milk stout brewed with vanilla beans and chocolate.

The first thing you notice is the darkness of the brew as it pours. This beer is darker than coffee. The frothy, tan head rose to just under two fingers at its height. The aroma is forward with the chocolate and complimented by notes of malt. This is a very inviting beer. It looks great even if the flavor profile might seem a little odd.

The first sip teases vanilla before the chocolate dominates. It is smooth and somewhat velvety on the tongue but is a lot thinner than would be suspected given that this is a stout and the look makes it seem it will be thick like a Guinness. There is a definite sweetness to the taste as the vanilla, cream, and chocolate play with your taste buds. The beer finishes smooth and a little on the dry side, though not overly so. It is very pleasant and it has some characteristics of a milkshake.

Consistency was excellent with this beer. You never felt like chocolate dominated in one sip, then vanilla or cream in another. There were times where a malt flavor poked through but never too much as to disrupt the experience. The glass laced sexily throughout the session, letting you know exactly where you undressed the glass with each sip.

I am not one for sweet beers usually, or crazy concoctions such as this. However, I must say that overall the entire session was fun and flavorful. It is very sweet though, as you can kind of expect. It also clocks in at 8.2% ABV so this can sneak up on you if you try to make it a session beer by itself. Having one or two for dessert would certainly be tasty and fun. As would adding vanilla ice cream for an added experience. This is the kind of beer you try and if you like it you explore with it. I would love to go exploring with this Flying Dog Cookies and Cream again.

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