Blue Point Shore Thing Review

Blue Point Shore Thing

When it comes to New York, at least southern New York, there aren’t many breweries that stand out. However, Blue Point Brewing, a Long Island beer company, has to factor in to any conversation when it comes to New York brews, regardless of its origins.

We have reviewed Blue Point before but today we tackle Shore Thing, a lager they advertise as “Anytime, Anywhere.”

Upon pouring Shore Thing you will notice a nice cleat, golden pour. It almost seems like you are pouring one more famous beers like Budweiser or Miller. The aromatics, however, tell you that this won’t be your average beer. There are notes of salt, bread, and yeast. The underlying aroma of salt reminds you of the beach and a salty sea air, pretty much spot on with what you would expect from a southern Long Island brew that features a light house on its label.

The pour featured a head of just above two fingers with aromatic notes of salt and bread. There wasn’t a lot to the nose but salt and bread dominated.

The first sip followed the nose in a pleasant way. There was a nice note of saltiness that mixed with bread and yeast to give this beer a satisfying flavor. The beer almost resembled a soft pretzel that one would get on the streets of New York City or one the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore or Long Island shore.  The beer laced like a fragile wedding gown, lightly decorating the glass as you progressed but not stealing the show from the overall production.

This is a beer that is pretty drinkable, like your typical Budweiser or Miller or Coors but with a little more character and flavor. The hints of salt and bread do remind one of a soft pretzel bought at any number of shore eateries but also offers a hint of originality. There is a nice flavor profile that would suit almost any beer drinker so long as you don’t mind a little salty bread. This is a beer I would order again but maybe wait until summer to do so, even if offered year round. Blue Point says “anytime, anywhere” but this lager is definitely a summer beer when you can truly enjoy being outside and really participate in all its flavors. It really would go well with just about any seafood.

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