Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale Review

Brooklyn Brown Ale

Brooklyn Brewery has been around since 1988 when their first case of beer was delivered to a local bar. They have since grown to the point where there are a dozen different beers being brewed and they can be found in most states. One of those beers is their Brown Ale. You can check out our other Brooklyn Brewery reviews here.

Brooklyn Brown Ale is a year-round offering. The beer pours a deep brown, almost coffee color. There is a small tan head that rose to about half of a finger at its height. The nose is one of malt and a sweet note that comes through and dominates, like a sweet caramel. There is very little carbonation seen rising to the top, mostly because this beer is dark.

The first sip follows the nose but with a bolder statement. There are notes of roasted malts forward with some malt and bread mixed in. This is followed by a sweet toasted caramel before it brings a slightly bitter, malty note forward at the back. It really is a pleasant sip with distinct notes coming through on each sip but all working together to give you a solid Brown Ale experience.

The beer feels medium-bodied in the mouth with a silky, dry finish. There is just the right amount of carbonation for a brown ale. Despite not having a large head there is a nice lacing going on as the beer drinks. The flavor is consistent throughout the session with notes of bread and malt coming through occasionally.

Overall, Brooklyn Brown Ale is a good beer. There is something comforting about brown ales and this one fits right in. You could make this a session beer without a single regret and at 5.6% ABV it won’t bite you back. This is just a good beer.

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