Saranac Brewery Irish Red Ale Review

Irish Red Ale

Saranac Brewery out of Utica, N.Y. has reintroduced their Irish Red Ale as part of their Irish Roots variety pack. This is the third review of the four beers offered in that variety pack and you can check out the other reviews by clicking here.

Irish Red Ale pours a deep reddish-copper color with an airy, white head that rose to about one finger at its height. The aroma is not really prominent but there are notes of bread and malt with a touch of caramel sweetness. There isn’t much carbonation seen rising to the top.

The first taste offers notes of malt, bread, a little sweetness of caramel. There is also an earthy tone to it as well. There is more carbonation than the appearance belied but it is moderate and complimentary like it should be. The backend has a slightly bitter and dry that is welcomed and drives you towards taking another sip. The beer feels light in the mouth and finishes smooth. There was minimal lacing on the glass as it drank and the taste stayed consistent throughout the session.

Overall this is a nice beer. It might not be as adventurous on the flavor profile as some other Irish Reds that are coming out but it is certainly a solid offering. It is kind of like an old friend that is familiar even though you haven’t seen them in a while. It clocks in at a light 4.5% ABV so this is a session beer that won’t sneak up on you. Trusty, familiar, good would be a fair way to describe this brew.

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