Saranac Brewery Golden Irish Lager Review

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The fourth review of Saranac Brewery’s Irish Roots variety pack is of Golden Irish Lager. You can check out the other reviews of the variety pack, and all the reviews of Saranac brews by clicking here.

Golden Irish Lager pours a clear gold with a thin white head that rose to about half a finger at its height. There is some carbonation seen rising to the top. The aroma is one of bread and crackers with a slight floral hint of hops.

The first taste follows the nose quite well with a cracker, bread note up front followed by a little hops and there is a touch of earthy sweetness, like honey, that is very faint. The beer feels fairly light in the mouth with some moderate carbonation which is to be expected from the type of beer that it is. The finish is dry and smooth.

There was very little lacing on the glass as the session progressed. The taste did stay consistent for the most part though at one point there were a few sips that had a slight lemon taste to them but that didn’t distract from the experience.

Overall this is a solid offering that fits in well with other beers of this type. It is a good beer to drink in a session or to break up some of the heavier Irish beverages that accompany Golden Irish Lager in the variety pack. At just 5.3% ABV there isn’t a lot of alcohol taste and it won’t kick you back. A fairly solid beer all around.

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