Saranac Black and Tan Review

Saranac Black and Tan

Saranac Black and Tan isn’t a new offering from Saranac Brewery but it is being brought back as part of their Irish Roots sampler 12-pack. Many fans of Saranac are very happy about its return. Let’s find out why.

This Black and Tan pours exactly how you would expect any Black and Tan to pour. The top is black and towards the bottom there is a coppery color from the lager that mixes well with the stout. There is a thin, slightly tan head that will disappear rather quickly, a common occurrence with stouts. The aroma is subdued but features notes of coffee, chocolate, malt, and a touch of toasted biscuit.

The first taste follows the nose on a slightly grander scale. The chocolate and coffee notes take the forefront but there is a malty, toasted biscuit flavor that quickly follows. The beer has an interesting mouthfeel that kind of hovers between light and heavy. I know that sounds odd but it sits on the tongue with some weight but overall feels light, just like the two beers that make up this brew. There is little carbonation, the stout winning out there as well as in color. However, the backend offers a malt flavor with some slight bitterness that shows the drinker the lager is still there.

The glass had minimal lacing as the session progressed but the flavor stayed nice and consistent which can be a challenge for Black and Tans at times.

Overall this was a pretty good adaptation. Technically this is classified as an American Porter but the stout and lager qualities are both allowed to stand out in all the right ways here. Neither truly dominates all at once and each have their finer points which are allowed to shine through. This is something you can drink all winter long or have fun with on St. Patrick’s Day if so inclined. It only clocks in at 5.4% ABV so it won’t bite you back and makes it almost perfect for a session beer to celebrate.

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