Pabst Blue Ribbon Easy Review

PBR Light

Pabst Blue Ribbon Easy is an American Light Lager. It bills itself as a low calorie beer with an ABV of 3.8%.

The beer poured a clear yellow-gold with an airy, white head that rose to about one finger at its height. There is some carbonation noticed in the glass. The nose doesn’t offer a lot. There are faint notes of grain and malt, similarly to the nose of your typical PBR. The one difference is this nose is a little more airy than your typical PBR.

The first sip offers a clean, crisp taste with hints of grain and malt. There is moderate carbonation within the range of acceptability for an American Light Lager. The beer feels light and slightly dry on the tongue but the finish is smooth and refreshing.

Overall this is a beer you can drink all day long in the summer. It is very similar to its bigger brother but with less punch. It is very much in the same class as your other big brewery light beers which isn’t a bad thing at all. They have their purpose and when served ice cold on a hot summer day can be downright refreshing. PBR Easy is a good beer to make a session out of. Just don’t expect a lot in terms of a flavor profile but it is pretty good for what it is.

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