Flying Fish Brewing Company Red Fish IPA Review

Flying Fish Red Fish IPA

Flying Fish Brewing Company’s Red Fish Red IPA bills itself as a “hoppy red ale.” It clocks in at a healthy 7% ABV.

Red Fish pours a deep copper color with a thick, foamy head that stood just over two fingers at its height. The aroma features notes of pine, hops, and some slight citrus. This beer looks very good in its glass.

The first sip compliments the nose. The notes of pine and hops predominate but are followed by some slight citrus flavor. There is also a little sweet note at times that teases burnt caramel. The whole flavor profile actually comes together quite nicely. The beer feels light in the mouth, almost a little velvety or creamy. The finish is slightly bitter yet smooth.

The glass laced nicely as it drank. The beer also got smoother with each sip and the notes of pine and hops became a little mellower but still allowed their presence to be known. The carbonation was moderate at its height but for most of the session it was light. It allowed the beer to cut back on the bitter finish and become a little creamier at the back.

Overall Flying Fish Red Fish IPA is a pretty good beer. It is an IPA so if you aren’t a fan of IPAs I don’t think you will suddenly fall in love with them. However, if you like IPAs then this is a solid choice. It has an interesting profile. The one knock might be how the flavor profile changed. It started as a really solid IPA and seemed to morph into a hoppy red ale. The taste was still enjoyable and I would definitely drink this again.

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