Magic Hat #9 Review

Magic Hat 9
The Sporting Brews

Magic Hat Brewing Company out of Vermont has been around for a long time and helped foster in the craft beer craze across the United States. They have produced a wide variety of beers including #9 which is up for review today.

Magic Hat #9 bills itself as a not quite pale ale. It pours a slightly hazy, glowing, burnt orange color with a foamy head that stood just over one finger tall at its best. There were some bubbles seen rising to the top but not many. The aroma is pretty subdued with some malt, and a touch of hops. There is also a little sweetness to the aroma, like a dried apricot.

The first sip offers malt quickly followed by that tangy sweetness as if dried apricot were used in making this beer. There are some hops on the back end but not a lot. There is a light mouthfeel to the brew and it finishes a little wet. The more you drink this beer the more it grows on you. The tangy sweetness of the apricot, at least I’m fairly certain its apricot, is a good flavor that balances the malt and hops but doesn’t linger or taste artificial.

The glass didn’t lace much, I think it was the way my glass was cleaned that was making it foam and lace resistant. Still, the beer looked good as it drank from the color of the brew and the ring that stayed around the edge of the glass.

Overall, this is a very fun beer to drink. It does feel as if your mind and taste buds are playing tricks on you but in a good way. The tangy sweetness is not clingy so it makes you want another sip as soon as you are done with your first. It was a fun beer. Not great but in no way bad. This is something I would have again. And at 5.1% ABV maybe again and again and again.

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