Shiner Sea Salt & Lime Review

Shiner Sea Salt and Lime

Shiner, Texas is home to Spoetzl Brewery which of course makes Shiner beer. We have reviewed some Shiner beer in the past which you can check out here. Up for review today is their Sea Salt & Lime offering. This is a seasonal brew if you didn’t guess that already.

Shiner Sea Salt & Lime pours a clear gold with a fairly thick, white head that stood about two fingers at its height. There is a fair amount of carbonation rushing to the head to reinforce it. This looks like summer in a glass. The aroma is one of lime and salt but with some hops and a little cracker teased.

The first sip puckers your mouth just a tad. The lime is at the forefront but the salt quickly mellows it. It is a pleasant taste, like a little summertime in a bottle. The lime isn’t overwhelming and it pairs well with the sea salt. I would imagine this is what everyone wishes a Corona tasted like. The brew has a light mouthfeel and finishes dry but still crisp and refreshing. The lime flavor tastes authentic and fresh, as if the lime was squeezed into the beer just moments ago.

The glass didn’t lace much as the beer drank. However, there was a fairly nice sized foam ring around the glass. Perhaps it was just my glass.

Overall this was a fun beer to drink. It captures flavors of summer in a unique way without being just another summer lager. Neither the lime nor the sea salt overwhelm the flavor but instead work nicely with the malt and hops to create a good beer. Is it a great beer? Depends on your flavor profile but this is definitely worth a try. At 4.0% ABV it is something you can drink all day and in any environment.

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