Einstök Icelandic White Ale Review

Einstok White Ale

Einstök is quickly becoming a major factor in the American beer market. If you have ever tried them you will know why. Brewed in the small fishing port of Akureyri, Iceland, Einstök brews four year-round offerings and three seasonal beers. Their Icelandic White Ale will be the third beer we have reviewed from them. You can read the other reviews here and here.

Einstök Icelandic White Ale pours and slightly hazy, pale, yellow. The white, foamy head stoop about one-and-a-half fingers tall at its height. Tiny bubbles can be seen rushing to the surface. It looks light and refreshing. The aroma is one of yeast and coriander. It is a subtle aroma, just enough to invite you in to sip.

Icelandic White Ale has a unique taste among other white ales I have tasted. You get the yeast and some orange notes. This has your typical white ale flavors but it stands out to me. It has that little signature that lets you know you are drinking an Einstök. Maybe it is the water they use, glacial water is what they advertise. The main flavors are a little malt, yeast, orange citrus, and a tiny bit of hops. It feels light and crisp in the mouth with a moderate amount of carbonation. It finishes smooth, however, with a tiny kick of spice mixed in. It is a pretty refreshing beer. The crispness makes you want another sip before the first is done and the smoothness is almost as if the beer is agreeing with you and going down easy to accommodate you.

Overall, this is a beer you can drink year round. The refreshing taste makes it a little more of a summer beer for me. It is crisp and smooth so it goes well any time though. No one flavor dominates and all work together to bring you a very good beer. The only complaint is price. If this were just a tad cheaper Icelandic White Ale would be a go-to. At 5.2% ABV it can be had at any time you feel like having a brew. The one true complaint I have is that they don’t sell this in 12-packs or cases.

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