Magic Hat Single Chair Golden Ale Review

Magic Hat Single Chair

Magic Hat Brewing Company began producing beer from South Burlington, Vt. in 1994 and has grown to become a nationwide distributor. Even though it was bought by Pyramid Breweries in 2008, and Pyramid was bought by North American Breweries, Magic Hat has stayed true to its roots. You know them. You’ve seen them in stores. We’re drinking them. Up for review is Single Chair Golden Ale.

Single Chair is an ode to one of only two remaining single chair ski lifts in Mad River, Vt. It is advertised as a medium-bodied golden ale that is crisp and refreshing. The beer pours a clear gold with moderate carbonation rising to the top which features a nice, white, foamy head that stood just over a finger tall.

The aroma is malt, some bread, a little sweet note, possibly from citrus, and a touch of grass. The aroma is very light with nothing taking the lead here. It is pleasant and just smells like beer.

The taste is almost identical to the aroma. The malts and breads take the forefront here. There is a touch of sweetness but without a clear identifier. It just tastes like beer which is a good thing sometimes. It doesn’t advertise a lot of bell and whistles and it doesn’t bring them. Its just a straight up golden ale which is nice and refreshing. The art on the can shows a ski lift so you almost expect a heavier winter beer but this beer can be had year-round. It is on the lighter side of medium in the mouth with moderate carbonation, just enough to tease your tongue. It finishes crisp and dry.

Overall, this is a good beer. It is as it it’s advertised, a medium-bodied golden ale. It tastes good and consistent throughout the glass and while it doesn’t really stand out it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Don’t be afraid to drink a beer with a ski lift all year long, though I feel if I had this in the winter I would just be dreaming of warmer days. At 5.0% ABV it is something you can drink any time and anywhere.

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