A Review of Sea Dog Brewing Company’s Sunfish Ale

Sea Dog Sunfish

Sea Dog Brewing Company out of Maine was founded in 1993. They have grown and this is the second review of one of their products on this site. You can find the first here. This time we are reviewing Sea Dog’s Sunfish, a wheat ale with natural peach and grapefruit flavors added.

The beer pours a honey color. I didn’t achieve much head on this beer, most likely because of the glass as I had no issues with other Sunfish beers I tried prior. There is a pleasant aroma that highlights the fruit but also a touch of honey and wheat. There is moderate carbonation seen rising to the top.

The first sip definitely brings forth the fruit. The peach comes first but the grapefruit quickly follows. Grapefruit can be tough to include in beer as it tends to be too bitter but the peach flavor mellows that and just the citrusy sweetness is allowed to come through. There is also a note of honey. The wheat does not come through much at all despite this being a pale wheat ale. The carbonation is lightly moderate, just enough to lightly tickle your tongue, like a little brewed foreplay. Sunfish has a light mouthfeel as well.

There isn’t much aftertaste which is nice. You do get notes of peach and grapefruit after you drink but neither are overpowering. The finish is dry and has you wanting another sip before you are even done with the first. The fruit could have been overpowering but they aren’t and instead play well with each other, allowing each to bring out the best in the other.

Overall, this is a fun, refreshing beer. It is definitely something you can drink during the day at the ballpark, beach, lake, or cookout and at 4.6% ABV it won’t sneak up on you either. The unique flavor combination really works here and does make it stand out among other fruit beers. I’d say this is worth giving a try this summer.


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