A Review of Flying Fish’s Jersey Juice IPA

Flying Fish Jersey Juice

Flying Fish Brewing Company opened its doors in 1995, well technically in 1996 since it actually started selling online only, in Cherry Hill, N.J. Yes, they sold beer online in 1995 when it took minutes to dial into a modem. So, I guess you can say that founder Gene Muller was way ahead of his time. The company has gone on to win ten medals at the Great American Beer Festival, the best of any New Jersey brewery. One of Flying Fish’s more popular offerings is their Jersey Juice India Pale Ale, a limited release.

Jersey Juice India Pale Ale pours a honey-gold with a thick, white head that stood just over a finger. The aroma of hops is evident as you pour. However, as you get closer to the beer you notice a nice floral note with hints of citrus and just a note of biscuit or oats. There are quite a few bubbles rushing forward to reinforce the head.

The first sip showcases a creamy head, slightly heavier than medium mouth feel. You do notice the hops but the fruit in this beer are nicely balanced and allowed to shine. There is a little lemon zest and sweetness followed by a little bitter and sweet grapefruit and finished with the hops. One thing about this that I found interesting was the hops were notable but they didn’t linger. Some IPAs have that hop shock but this was smooth. Mixed with the creamy body it was very delightful. The carbonation isn’t even close to overwhelming and as the beer sits the beer actually gets better and smoother.

The beer laces the glass like it was part of Cinderella’s gown. The flavors stay consistent throughout and the longer the beer sits the better it gets as the carbonation fades just enough to make this almost silky. At 6% ABV, you would expect a little more of the alcohol to come through but you don’t even notice it with this beer.

Overall, this is a very good beer. It has enough hops to please IPA fans but isn’t overwhelming so fans of other beers can enjoy this one as well. The fruit plays well with the hops and oats and every aspect compliments each other. This is a very good summertime beer, just refreshing enough with the fruit. If you want to try a fun take on an IPA without straying too far from the IPA roots then Jersey Juice IPA is worth keeping an eye out for.

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