Cooperstown Brewing 1998 World Champs Special Edition Brew Review

1998 World Champs Ale

Cooperstown Brewing Company is located not far from the Baseball Hall of Fame. It is only natural that they produce beers with baseball names. Previously, we reviewed Bambino American Amber Ale. Today, we tackle their limited edition 1998 World Champs 20th Anniversary beer.

The can reads it is “A light golden ale with subtle fruitiness and delicate hop aroma. A smooth, easy drinking refreshing ale.” This beer clocks in at 4.4% ABV so it is on the lower ABV side.

The beer pours a hazy, straw gold with a nice thick white head that rose to just over two fingers on the pour. You can see some bubbles rising to the top but the haziness prevents a lot of bubbles from being seen. The aroma is one of hops, straw, and fruit. The beer looks inviting.

The first sip offers a crispness that is followed by hops. The hops are the primary flavor here with notes of fruit that are subtle. The fruit is lemony citrus. This reminds me more of an India Pale Ale than golden ale but that’s fine. The flavor isn’t bad at all.

The head lasted a fair amount of time and the beer laces the glass well. There remains a tiny layer of foam that keeps the beer looking fresh and inviting as you drink. The beer is light-bodied in the mouth with a dry, crisp finish.

This beer is hard to judge. It isn’t a bad beer to drink by any means. Being a limited edition release in a beer that isn’t sold across the country makes this one tough to judge. I like it. It is a good beer that has a fun can, especially if you are a baseball fan or New York Yankees fan. I saw them in the store in 16 ounce cans which are sold in four packs. Overall, this is a decent beer. It is something you buy more for the novelty than for anything else. There are a lot of similar beers out there. I am not disappointed I bought it and might even buy it again but the can is what stood out here and sadly it still does. Their Bambino offering was much better but this one wasn’t bad by any means.


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