A Review of Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Rogue Ales began brewing in 1988 in Ashland, Ore. and have become fairly well known as the craft brew craze has grown. One of their more popular offerings is Dead Guy Ale which is brewed in the style of a German Maibock.

The beer pours a very sexy dark honey or amber color. It is slightly cloudy and there are few, if any bubbles to be seen. You know they are there because there is a one finger deep slightly off-white, foamy head. The beer looks inviting and pleasant right off the pour. You notice the malt in the aroma with notes of biscuit and toast. There are soft notes of caramel as well. The head seems to stick around as well.

The first sip is very pleasing. There is the malt, some caramel or toffee notes, some bread notes, and a little sweetness at the end that combines with the dry finish to make you want more. The more you drink the more the sweetness comes through as a bit of molasses or something in that neighborhood. There is a bit of grassy or earthy tones as well. They are subtle and the overall flavor profile is very nice and inviting.

There is moderate carbonation, just enough to slightly tickle your tongue as you drink. There is also some lacing on the glass. My glass was being used for the first time so it just being washed a little while beforehand surely downplayed the lacing. You can tell that this is a beer that would lace your glass like a wife on her wedding night.

Overall this was a good beer. If you happen to like malty beers you will find this a favorite. It is malty, bready, sweet, and just a pleasant beer to drink. Don’t let the name fool you, Dead Guy Ale will bring you to life if you like darker beers. At 6.8% ABV this is a beer you will want to sip but you will also want to drink this in a session.

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