Harpoon Camp Wannamango Review

Camp Wannamango

Harpoon is one of those breweries that has steadily grown over the last few years. Established in 1986 in Boston, Mass., they have helped pave the way for the American craft beer craze. Their Camp Wannamango is a summer offering that promises a pale ale with passion fruit and mango.

The beer pours a light copper color and the tropical fruits provide a nice nose with some hops mixed in. The head was about a half of a finger but it stayed with the beer. It was a nice, thick, white foam. The aroma was really pleasant and promised that the fruit would be a major player. There were a lot of bubbles coming up from the beer upon pouring.

The taste was actually pretty good. You definitely notice the tropical flavors up front and then you get the hops to finish. It is a medium body that feels a little creamy in the mouth. Despite the bubbles upon first pour this beer isn’t overly carbonated. The thin, foamy head laces the glass very well as the beer drinks.

This is definitely a summer beer. The tropical fruit mixes well with the hops and gives a fairly solid offering. It clocks in at just 5% ABV so this beer would mix well with a day session.

Overall, this beer is pretty good. The tropical flavors are not something you get often making this a nice take on an American Pale Ale. It is very smooth to drink with a nice, hoppy finish, and the contrast really is what makes this beer.

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