Cisco Grey Lady Review

Cisco Grey Lady

Cisco Brewers from Nantucket, Mass. is a fairly well known brewery at this point. The brewery started in 1997 but Cisco’s roots are actually rooted in a winery. Their Grey Lady offering is a nod to Nantucket Island which is often shrouded in fog. Grey Lady is a Belgian-style Wit.

The beer pours a foggy yellow, almost orange color. It really looks great in your glass. You can tell you are about to drink a wit beer. This beer is very hazy and foggy. You won’t be able to see your fingers through the glass. It is a perfect nod to Nantucket Island and the Atlantic Ocean in that region. If you have ever seen Jaws (1975) then you know the ocean can be very dark as well. Grey Lady isn’t quite the dark Atlantic but it might have the same sight distance. It manages to be dark and bright at the same time, like the Atlantic on a nice summer day.

There was a nice, creamy, white head that was about a finger and a half at its peak in my glass. However, the head did disappear rather quickly and there was no lacing on the glass. Aromatically there were some nice, soft citrus notes, some floral notes, and yeast.

The first sip was very pleasant. There was a hint of light citrus followed by floral notes and a bread and yeast finish. As the beer drinks the citrus goes from subtle to a little more pronounced, almost like a sweet lemon. The body is medium in the mouth with some sneaky carbonation that can best be described as moderate but the lack of bubbles rising from the glass would suggest a smoother beer.

Everything comes together very nicely. The only real complaint is the lack of a lasting head and lacing. The flavor is actually fairly complex and has its consistencies but also changes a little as the beer drinks. There seem to be notes of cinnamon. It is smooth and very drinkable. At only 4% ABV this is a beer you can drink at any time of day or night. Overall this is a fun beer with a lot of nice flavors.

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