Victory Prima Pils Review

Victory Prima Pils

Victory Brewing Company has been in the craft beer business for over two decades now. They have helped lead a revolution of sorts in beer brewing in that time and have become a fairly large brewery but have kept their craft brew roots. Their Prima Pils features whole flower European hops and German malts. It is a slightly different take than your typical American pilsner.

The pour looks like a pilsner but with a more golden hue. It is clear and golden and looks inviting like a swimming pool on a hot summer day. There is a nice white foam head that I got to about two fingers to help fill the glass. There was a nice aroma upon pouring. Hops, grains, malt and a little floral note were present.

The first sip let you know you were drinking something more than a typical pilsner. The hops were evident but not overwhelming. There were notes of citrus and malt. The beer was light in the mouth and crisp with just the right amount of carbonation. There was a smoothness and dry finish that left you wanting more but also feeling like you just sipped something refreshing.

The beer had good lacing throughout the session. It kept a decent head for quite some time and even laced the bottom of my glass when finished. It was a lot of fun to drink as the patterns of lacing were very appealing.

The beer was consistent with its flavor throughout the session. It was flavorful, consistent, attractive to look at, and refreshing. It clocks in at 5.3% ABV so this can easily be something you drink throughout the night. A nicely done offering from Victory.

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