Victory Cage Radler Beer Review

Cage Radler

When one thinks of summer they might think of warm summer days, baseball, refreshing lemonade, and maybe some grilling with perhaps a few beers mixed in. Victory Brewing Company, founded in 1996 in Downingtown, Penn., has a unique offering called Cage Radler. The can states that “Crisp lager connects with bright lemon soda in our spin of a German Radler. Notes of lemon zest and a hint of maltiness round out this summertime classic.”

A radler is a mix of fruit soda or lemonade and beer. In Germany, a radler is more of a refreshing drink than an alcoholic beverage. Victory Brewing Company produces a beer that certainly brings out the lemon taste and puts the beer second, making it a great choice for a hot summer day. Radler beers aren’t known for their high ABV and this one clocks in at just 3% ABV.

The beer pours a hazy, golden yellow with a decent thick, foamy, white head. There is a distinct lemon aroma upon pouring. The first sip is distinct lemon soda, like a Sprite without the lime. The lemon is a little on the artificial side, like with a soda or candy. There is a little maltiness towards the end but it’s subtle. This is a beer where the beer isn’t supposed to take the lead and Cage Radler clocks in more on the soda side than the beer side.

This beer is a day-drinker. This is the kind of beer you want in the summer whether you are at a ballgame, fair, or just needing a break from yardwork. It is refreshing, sweet, lemony, and a little on the malt side on the aftermath. If you’re looking for a beer move along. If you are looking for a refreshing alcoholic beverage that you can drink at any time of the day then this is your beer.


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