Kirkland American Pale Ale Review


When one thinks of beer you probably don’t think of Kirkland Signature, the generic brand of Costco. However, they do produce beer in the form of craft brew styles. We reviewed one previously and were pretty impressed. This time around we are sampling Krikland Signature American Pale Ale.

The bottle states, “This classic, American pale ale displays the complex bitterness and aroma from the hops of Yakima Valley, Washington. It boasts a fragrant bouquet of spice and citrus with a combined herbal flavor profile. Its hoppy characteristics are balanced by a clean, malty body from the pale and light caramel malt.”

The beer pours a clear, caramel, amber color with a decent white, foamy head. It looks appetizing and inviting. There is a slightly hoppy aroma with nots of malt and caramel. The first sip is actually a bit a surprise. There is a sweet, caramel note that hits the tip of your tongue. That is followed by the hops that plays on the bitter areas of your taste buds on the back end of the tongue.

The beer is medium bodied with moderate carbonation. The beer laces your glass nicely but in moderation. The foam layers on top and although it thins out as you drink it lets you know how much beer is in your glass.

All things considered this is a pretty decent offering. The sweet notes of caramel really blend well with the hops. The dry finish leaves you wanting another sip.

When you consider the price point, which rewards you for buying in bulk like a good Costco consumer, and the taste this is a legitimate beer. It isn’t perfect but it is well done and you will be hard-pressed to beat the price and taste combination.Kirkland APA

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