Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA Review

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Dogfish Head Brewery out of Milton, Del. is one of the more well-known craft breweries in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Their 60 Minute IPA offering boasts their “East Coast IPA continually hopped with a slew of Northwest hops throughout the entire boil for a powerful, citrusy hop character.” The name comes from 60 hop additions throughout the 60-minute boil, hence the name.

The beer poured very well. The color was golden, like the color of a lager, but with an outstanding, thick, white head that stood about two fingers. There was a hop aroma that let you know you were going to get an India Pale Ale and its hoppy, piney, citrusy flavor.

The first sip treats you to all that an IPA has to offer. You get notes of pine, citrus, hops, a little malt. The beer sits well in the mouth, offering a medium body feel. The beer had a surprising creaminess to it which was nice. There is moderate carbonation which was a bit of a surprise. After seeing all the bubbles rising after the pour and throughout the drinking process I expected this beer to be very carbonated. It was a moderate level, not too much, not too little.

The lacing was great throughout the beer. The glass looked like a nice wedding dress with the lacing. It just looked like a beer should as you drank. Also, the taste was consistent. That dry finish of the hops left you wanting another sip.

Overall this is a pretty fine beer. It isn’t overly hoppy and the other flavors are given a chance to shine through a bit. This is an IPA that delivers but gives your tongue a nice little adventure as you drink.

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