Newburgh Brewery Cream Ale Review

Newburgh Cream Ale

Newburgh Brewing Company’s Cream Ale is an adaptation of a regional crew. As they state on the can it is their interpretation of a New York original. If you have ever had a cream ale you know they can be a fun beverage any time of year.

The beer pours very well. It has a pale, hazy straw color. The color is really attractive and looks refreshing. It formed a nice, thick white foam that went above the rim of my glass and sat there beautifully. The aroma offers notes of hops and grain.

Upon sipping you notice a creamy body with notes of hops and grains. There is a little bread note to it as well as some notes of oats and grains. It is very dry, medium-bodied, and finishes crisp and dry with a little spiciness and notes of hops. The dry finish leaves you wanting another sip and the creamy body is very satisfying on the tongue. The carbonation is slight to moderate with most of the carbonation noticed in the beginning of each sip.

There is moderate lacing as the beer drinks. It sustains itself very well and offers repeat drinkability especially with its 4.2% ABV. This could definitely be a session beer, especially during the summer. Newburgh offers these in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut areas for now. They are sold in four packs of 16 ounce cans so you will get a perfect pint pour each time.

Newburgh Brewing Company might be a small brewery but they have produced some fairly decent beers. This is one beer you should at least try if it becomes available in your area. It won’t knock your socks off but it is a very good beer.

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