Einstök Arctic Berry Ale Review

Arctic Berry

Einstök’s Icelandic Arctic Berry Ale is a limited release witbier flavored with bilberries grown near the Arctic Circle. This ale comes in at 5.2% ABV and should be found wherever Einstök is sold near you.

Upon pour you notice that cloudy golden yellow that is typical with witbiers. It pours with a nice, thick white foamy head that is creamy and laces the glass beautifully. You notice a pleasant aroma of berries that teases your taste buds. It isn’t overpowering but it is evident that bilberries will definitely be playing a role in the flavor.

The first sip is pleasant with berry playing an obvious role. Einstök has managed to produce a beer that allows the berry to come through but also doesn’t overpower the beverage or taste artificial as can be the case in so many berry-flavored offerings. The sweetness and slight tartness plays well with the malt and hops.

It is medium-bodied and very smooth. You will get some malt on the back with a little hops. The malt and hops really play second fiddle to the berry here. There is moderate carbonation that lasted throughout the drink.

This is a solid summer beer. The berry flavor is unique and the bilberries taste a little like a strawberry and raspberry had a three-way with a blackberry. It really is unique and refreshing. The witbier needs to be slightly more up front, however. Still, this is a fun beer that would pair well with raiding the beach or just settling in by the lake. You can add it to your summer BBQ feasts and conquer a couple in a sitting with no problem.

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