The Mets Will Not Trade Degrom or Syndegaard to the Yankees.

By now you have heard the debates on social media that if the Mets were to blow up the team and rebuild the Yankees would make sense as a trading partner. The ideal candidates for the Yankees would be Degrom or Syndergaard. Does it make sense for both? maybe. Will it happen? Absolutely not.

First, if the Mets were to trade either starting pitcher they would essentially be telling their fan base that they’re throwing in the towel for the foreseeable future. It doesnt matter what they get back in return. If you dont have pitching you have nothing and the Mets have very little pitching with Degrom and Syndergaard.

Second, If the Mets do intend to rebuild, why wouldn’t they keep these 2 pitchers who are under team control for 3 plus years? These are guys you build around if you’re building a team.

Finally, the Yankees and Mets are both afraid of the PR nightmare. Can you imagine if Degrom or Syndergaard delivered the Yankees their 28th World Series Championship? The Mets fans would never let the team hear the end of it. It doesnt matter what the Mets got back in return. These are the two teams that couldn’t even agree on a trade for Lucas Duda or Jay Bruce but they’re going to agree on a bonafide ace starter? Not a chance.

Its something fun to speculate and for writers it gives them clicks but in reality the Yankees have a better chance of getting 2012 Jacoby Ellsbury again than they do of getting Degrom or Syndegaard from the Mets.

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