Yards Brewing Company India Pale Ale Review

Yards IPA

Yards Brewing Company’s India Pale Ale is a fairly popular brew from Philadelphia. It weighs in with a solid 7% ABV. It advertises itself as a descendant of the ale’s designed to make the journey from England to India (hence the name India Pale Ale in case you were wondering) over hazardous seas.

Upon pouring you definitely notice the deep amber that is consistent with IPAs. There is a very light tan head that poured just over a finger and a half. Aromatically you notice the hops and the citrus notes and that natural pine aroma that tends to accompany most IPAs. Hops and citrus notes are the stars to your nose though and it offers a pleasant fragrance.

The first sip is sweet at first as if the malt is the real star. Then you get some citrus, which I believe to be grapefruit, followed by the hops you would expect from an IPA. Each flavor introduces itself one at a time. The hops eventually becomes predominant but isn’t overbearing as some IPAs tend to be. It is smooth, and even a little creamy, with a medium body and moderate carbonation.

The lacing is good and as you tip your glass it covers the glass like a wedding gown. The flavor maintains its consistency along with the carbonation. This is a pleasant, drinkable beer. The hops don’t dominate but Yards Brewing Company found a way to find a balance and it makes it a highly drinkable beer. You find yourself wanting that next sip. This is just a solid beer that you wouldn’t mind having again.

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