Shiner Wicked Ram IPA Review

Shiner Wicked Ram IPA

Shiner Wicked Ram IPA is a pretty tasty beer from Spoetzl Brewery. It registers as a 6.0% ABV and is the first IPA that Shiner has produced.

The beer pours a deep, almost hazy, orange color. One can even call it a light honey color. There is a nice foamy head that registers about a finger’s width (once again my glass was at fault for allowing the head to disappear too quickly). The aroma hints at hops with some citrus and perhaps a caramel note.

The first sip lets you know you are drinking an IPA. The first note is sweet with caramel being a prevalent note. That is quickly followed by the wheatiness of the malt. Then come the hops which let you know this is an IPA. The aftertaste is definitely one of hops but on a mild level. This is an IPA but it doesn’t overwhelm. It has a sweet beginning followed by the sour taste of hops.

Wicked Ram IPA has decent carbonation. There is enough there to let you know you are drinking an IPA but it doesn’t dominate the tongue and allows the flavors to pull through. Even if you don’t like IPA’s you might enjoy this beer. It has the hops that an IPA should have but they don’t kill the overall experience as some IPAs tend to do.

There was some good lacing, like an elegant wedding dress, on the glass. It left a sexy trail on the side of the glass. It wasn’t an exorbitant amount of lacing but it was noticeable and let you know where your beer has been in the glass.

There is a smooth, buttery taste as the beer drinks. It feels light and crisp in the mouth and pleasant on the taste buds.

This definitely isn’t your typical IPA. It is a little more mellow than your typical IPA but it would still please IPA fans. This is a smooth offering that has a drinkability to it. I’m not a huge fan of IPAs but do enjoy one from time to time. This is something that I would seek out again.

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