Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat Review

Leinenkugel Summer Wheat

Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat advertises itself on the bottle as a witbier with natural flavors for a citrus taste. It contains 4.9% ABV and appears to be a beer suitable for summer.

The pour was interesting. It didn’t offer me much head at all and the head there was quickly disappeared. There is a faint fruity smell with just a touch of hops. The color is what you would expect from a witbier, a cloudy orange/pale and cloudy copper. On first taste you notice the sweetness of the beer. It isn’t overwhelming by any means and is balanced by the wheat. It has a blueberry hint that becomes a little more prevalent as you drink. You also notice more of a blueberry aroma as you drink as well.

Sunset Wheat feels medium-bodied in the mouth that has a dry kick at the end. The blueberry taste isn’t overwhelming. In fact, it is kind of nice. Unique. I sometimes get a hint of citrus but not as much as I would expect on a beer advertising citrus on its label. There are some sips where the citrus taste doesn’t come through at all. That isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. The unique sweetness of the blueberry, which itself can be subtly sweet and refreshing, adds a fun element to the beer.

This definitely has the taste and feel of a summer beer. Imagine sitting by the lake with a six-pack and just escaping the world for a little bit or sitting by a fire pit on a nice summer night with some friends. Leinenkugel has done a pretty good job here bringing a unique flavor to a beer market that is starting to see some really interesting flavors.

Overall this is definitely something I would drink again. As with all other reviews I don’t rate beers because that is arbitrary. However, this is definitely something I want to drink out in the country during a beautiful summer evening. Some beers can just transport you and this does it for me.

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