Harpoon House Golden Ale

Harpoon House Golden

Harpoon House Golden advertises itself as a crisp and light-bodied ale with 4.7% ABV. It says it is “Golden, classic, beloved, and the right combination of easy-drinking and drinking easy.”

The pour offered me a moderate head of just over one finger but it disappeared a little too quickly. It certainly is golden and really stands out with its clear, golden color. The aroma is a little grainy with hints of grass, hops, and malt. The first sip really presented everything this beer offers. You taste the malt, hops, and grain like one would expect with an ale. The body is light and crisp as advertised and feels light in the mouth. It finishes dry and smooth with just the right amount of carbonation.

It is very consistent as you drink it. The carbonation did seem to calm down a little towards the end of the glass but it wasn’t flat by any means. The taste remained constant throughout as well, even with the reduced carbonation in the bottom quarter of the beer.

This beer is very easy to drink. It offers a pretty good taste and the dry finish leaves you wanting another sip. I don’t know if this beer will rock you to your core but it is a good beer. It does leave a slightly bitter aftertaste but nothing unexpected given the type of beer it is.

Overall, this beer is exactly what it is advertised as, an easy-drinking beer. It is a little more exciting than your mass produced beers and certainly has a deeper flavor profile. This is a beer that you wouldn’t mind drinking again but might not necessarily seek out on a regular basis but it does offer your taste buds more than your mass produced beers.

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