Ommegang Fruition Review

Ommegang Fruition

Ommegang’s Fruition is a witbier offered by the upstate New York brewery on a year-round basis. They are located in Cooperstown, NY not far from the Baseball Hall of Fame and have become fairly popular among the craft breweries. Their Fruition offering is advertised as being a dry-hopped wheat ale that starts with their Witte beer and takes a tropical twist as passion fruit, mango, and kiwi juices are added.

Upon pouring you notice the bright, slightly foggy yellow color of a wheat ale. There is a creamy white head on top that at its height measured about a finger tall. There is a sweet aroma that comes off the beer as it teases the fruit juices.

The taste is light, slightly sweet, and dry. It definitely keeps its wheat beer character despite the added fruit but it allows the sweet fruit to come out and tease. It has a light feel in the mouth, almost as if the beer is floating inside of it rather than sitting there. It has a dry, crisp finish that is slightly hoppy and slightly fruity. It is well balanced and doesn’t overwhelm you in either direction.

This beer is well balanced as you drink it. It maintains head, albeit minimally, as you drink. There is very little lacing on the glass and what lacing there is is in the area where you tilt your glass to drink.

The wheat beer aspect definitely dominates while the fruit plays a background role. You almost wouldn’t mind the fruit to step up and play a little more significant role. Just a little more. As it stands, this 5.3% ABV beer is balanced with the scales tipping towards the wheat beer side. That isn’t a bad thing at all. The dry finish makes you want to keep sipping. It reminds me a lot of champagne with a fruitier aroma, distinct taste, and dry finish.

I could envision myself drinking this over and over again. It is just complex enough to be interesting. It is consistent. It is tasty. It offers a unique twist on your typical wheat beer. My only complaint is I wish the fruit came out just a tad more since they are advertised heavily on the label. Still, this is a pleasant beer with repeat drinkability. It is a little pricey, as all Ommegang tends to be, but it is well worth the try. I could envision myself drinking this at a barbeque, ballgame, or even dreaming of summer on a cold winter night. If you enjoy wit beer then you will probably enjoy this one. Ommegang is outstanding at delivering Belgian-style beers.

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