Yuengling Light Review

Yuengling Light

Yuengling, which prides itself on being America’s oldest brewery, has offered a Light version for a little while now. However, like Yuengling Lager, it wasn’t offered everywhere so not everyone had access to it like they would one of the larger light beer makers like Budweiser, Miller, or Coors. It advertises that each beer is 99 calories so it is right in the ballpark calorie-wise as those larger offerings.

When you first pour you notice it has a deeper, amber color than your traditional light beer. It isn’t quite as dark as their Lager but Yuengling Light looks like it will have flavor as soon as you pour it. It offered a nice head and you notice the bubbles rocketing towards the surface. It kept its head fairly well even after a few sips which was nice. After you had a great, thick lace on top.

The aroma is similar to their Lager but with notes of hops and earthiness. The first sip was actually pretty impressive. It had a little more body than your typical light beer. You will notice the carbonation as well. All those bubbles shooting up definitely get noticed. If you have had Yuengling Lager then you will notice some slight similarities. However, it is definitely less bold but more refreshing. You will notice the hops but it is not an overwhelming flavor and is balanced with a slightly malty flavor.

The beer held its carbonation throughout the glass with some lacing on the glass as you drank. It also kept its flavor and was consistent sip after sip.

This is not exactly a Lager with fewer calories but it is close. It doesn’t have the boldness but it does have body to it, at least compared to some other company’s light beers. It is thin and bubbly but refreshing and slightly filling. Yuengling Light would make a great beer to tailgate with, have at the beach, or while mowing the lawn.

I was actually impressed by this beer. I went in thinking it would be along the lines of other major light beers and it was not that at all. The price was decent as well, at $10 plus tax for 12 cans. You can definitely drink this one over and over again.

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