Shiner Black Lager Review


If you like black or dark lagers then Shiner’s Black Lager might be right up your alley. It definitely lives up to its name. It pours dark, looking black in color with a tan, foamy head. One does note hints of coffee and chocolate as they smell it. There is also a malty undertone as well.

As you take your first sip this tastes as it looks and smells. There are subtle coffee and chocolate notes with a smooth, slightly bitter malty finish. Neither the coffee or chocolate taste take over. It is well balanced and delightful. The head dissipates fairly quickly and there was almost zero lacing on my glass as I drank. There was, however, a nice ring around my glass at the top of the beer.

The carbonation in this beer is not overwhelming. In fact, this is a smooth beer, slightly more carbonated than a Guinness but in line with other beers of its class. You really only get the carbonation on the finish as it sits really light in the mouth.

This is a beer that delivered exactly what I wanted it to. I expected exactly what I was given and this is perfect in my book. This isn’t a beer for everyone but if you enjoy your darker, malty beers this will be worth a try. This would pair well with German food or even some fish and chips.

As the beer drinks it doesn’t lose its consistency. It maintains its carbonation level as you sip, and the aromatics stay consistent. This beer was just as good at its last sip as it was on its first. This is just a pleasant beer if you enjoy your darker beers and Shiner Black Lager is definitely worth the try.

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