Review of Kirkland IPA

Kirkland IPA

When you are thinking beer you probably aren’t thinking that Kirkland, the brand that gives you generic food and beverages from Costco. However, they do offer their own line of beers. I didn’t know what to expect when I poured this beer. It poured nicely with a foamy head. It had a cloudy orange color with a hint of caramel. The head was robust and foamy. Aromatically it smelled of hops and something else I am hard-pressed to place.

Upon first sip one does notice the hops, as one would expect with an India Pale Ale. It leaves a hoppy aftertaste as almost all IPAs do. The foam laces the glass and the top of the beer is covered in a little foam that entices the appetite as you look at it.

There is a slight fruity flavor that hits the tongue just before the hops come in. The hops are present, as one would expect with an IPA but is doesn’t overwhelm. The hops taste stays with you even after you swallow but still maintain a subtleness that is pleasant among IPAs.

Each sip is consistent in aroma and taste. There is a nice, level carbonation that doesn’t dissipate as you drink the beer. As the beer drinks it does get a little smoother as the carbonation wears off but the flavor remains the same. I find myself trying to place the slight fruitiness and coming up short with each sip.

Honestly, I came into this with low expectations. That was a mistake on my part. This beer has exceeded every expectation I had. When you factor in price and combine it with taste you actually have a solid beer which I didn’t expect. This beer is 6.9% ABV so it does pack some kick. I have to warn because this is the kind of beer you can drink too much of too quickly. It is just a solid beer that you might not seek out on a regular basis but when you combine price and taste you will find yourself buying this again.

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