Goose Island Goose Honkers Ale Review

goose Island

Goose Island’s Goose Honkers Ale is an interesting blend of hops and malt that plays between the lines. It poured solid with a consistent, foamy head. It did start to dissipate rather quickly but I might lean towards blaming my glass on this one. It advertises a “fruity hop aroma” and a “rich malt middle.”

You will definitely notice a fruity hop aroma. I have a hard time placing the fruit, however. Is it pear? Apple? Maybe a combination of the two? It is pleasant and subtle and compliments the beer well. The hops are present and offer themselves in a polite way to your taste buds. They don’t overwhelm but rather introduce themselves. There is a distinct malt middle. It is very smooth and the bitter and plays well with the hoppy fruit aroma and leading sip.

The carbonation is well balanced in the beginning. It loses a little of its carbonation as the beer drinks but not much. There is a little lacing on the glass and on the top of the beer. I will say the top lace is a little sexy as it covers just enough to leave something to the imagination but reveals just enough to entice you if your imagination is lacking on that day.

This is a pleasant beer. If you are a fan of IPAs but are tired of being assaulted by hops then you might like this as a change of pace without completely taking the hops away. If you aren’t a fan of IPAs then there is probably a 50/50 shot you will like this beer. If you buy a six-pack these would be a great way to break up the monotony of your average Joe beer.

Personally, I can’t drink a lot of these. However, I did enjoy this beer. It was a hoppy, malty, slightly fruity delight. I would buy a six-pack of this but might not commit to a 12-pack. Goose Island has made an enjoyable beer that can be enjoyed in the summer, fall, winter, or spring.

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