5 New York Yankees Players You Would Love To Have a Beer With

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There was a time when the New York Yankees were known for their drinking and rowdy ways. Well, at the time they weren’t known for it because the media kept it quiet back then but these days we know all about the Billy Martin, Mickey Mantle, and Whitey Ford stories and those teams. However, the Yankees underwent a bit of culture change when George Steinbrenner took over. To be sure, there were still some big drinkers with the team but things seemed to calm down a bit. There were still some good stories though and a few interesting personalities. These are some of those Yankees from 1990 to the present that you would probably love to have a beer with. Just a note here, we don’t condone heavy drinking or abusing alcohol.

David Cone – Cone had quite the history of heading out to the bars and clubs when he was with the New York Mets. When he came to the Yankees though things got a little quiet. But Cone was still heading out and getting his partying in. Now that he is retired and doing broadcasts he will hint at his lifestyle every now and then. He even mentioned doing a bar crawl during a YES broadcast this season. That is one night we would love to be a part of.

Wade Boggs – Boggs is well known for his habit of eating chicken but is also known for his ability to pound quite a few beers. Jeff Nelson once said that Boggs could pound at least 50 beers in a single trip, which he said would take up to seven hours from stadium to stadium, to the West Coast. Paul Sorrento, who played with Boggs in Tampa Bay put the number closer to 70. Boggs himself has said on numerous occasions he has had over 100 beers in a single night. It doesn’t matter if those stories are true. He obviously can put them away. We won’t be able to keep pace but if you are starting a team for Beerfest or looking for a partner in a drinking game then Boggs would be your man.

Jason Giambi – There have been reports that Giambi would have a beer with a teammate or two while in the dugout. You can just look at Giambi and know he probably isn’t far from a beer and is probably a blast at the bar. While these are just unconfirmed rumors there are a lot of stories out there from every team about drinking habits, including during the game. Is it really that shocking that these guys would grab a beer or two?

Roger Clemens – Clemens, according to the rumors mentioned above with Giambi, was often the teammate Giambi was sharing a beer with in the dugout. Clemens has been known to have a beer or two. As long as you don’t make Clemens mad he seems like he would be fun to have a beer with. He certainly has some great stories to share.

David Wells – Everyone knows the story about the night before his perfect game. Reports say he was hungover that day. That wouldn’t be surprising. There were enough snippets of stories to come out about the celebration of the perfect game to let everyone know that Wells can have a few. Wells has to be a lot of fun at the bar and probably has a million great stories. He also looks like he is a professional corn hole player so he might be good to have on your team.

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