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Sam ’76 Review


Sam Adams is good for bringing out some interesting flavors in their beers. Sam ’76 is their latest iteration and they call it the perfect union between and ale and a lager. On the can they say this beer “is a perfect union of lager and ale, giving you a craft beer with the flavor of an ale and the refreshment and crisp finish of a lager. The result is revolutionary.”

The first thing you will notice is the color of the pour. It pours beautifully with a two-toned color that almost looks like a white ale with its orange hues. The head is a thick, creamy white that stands out nicely from the beer.

It has a nice aroma that is a little earthy or grassy with some citrus undertones. It is pleasant and whets your appetite as you go for a sip. The first sip is something of a shock. The can reads a cross between an ale and a lager and this is almost as if the lager and ale had a threesome with a white ale. It has the hoppy/earthy/, malty flavor with a citrus finish. It has a grapefruit undertone that is refreshing and crisp.

This beer is not heavy like a typical Sam Adams. It isn’t light either. It will fill you up. And you will feel satisfied. This is a great summer beer. If you like Sam Adams and many of its offerings you will enjoy this. The refreshing citrus finish would be perfect at the ballpark or even just mowing the lawn.

In the glass it gives you a lacy trail as you drink and maintains its carbonation. As you drink it, the citrusy, grapefruit flavor dissipates a bit and it just becomes smoother to drink. The hops won’t overwhelm you but there are enough there for hop fans to enjoy.

Overall, this beer isn’t Sam Adams’ best offering but it is a very good one that is fun and made for summer, especially for those looking for a newer taste. This would be a very nice pick-up for your backyard cookouts.

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