5 2018 NFL Draft Stories That Make Us Want To Drink


We are just over a week away from the 2018 NFL Draft. If you are an NFL fan you might be suffering from Draft fatigue. You aren’t alone. Every NFL prospect has been dissected 100 different ways by hundreds of different analysts and it’s starting to annoy. This is the part of the year where you just want the Draft to come already and finally put the speculation to bed. Just know you aren’t alone. These are the five storylines that are making us want to drink.

The Josh Allen Debate – If the mere mention of the Wyoming quarterback’s name gives you a headache know you aren’t alone. By this point you either think they guy is Rick Mirer or Andrew Luck and nothing is going to change your mind either way. He has been analyzed and dissected more than any other prospect it seems. Enough is enough. Just knowing we will all have to hear the name and listen to the studio hosts discuss him on draft night is almost enough to have us scrambling for a beer.

The Quarterback Debate in General – How do we get off this train? We do this every year with different names but the styles and questions never seem to change. This year there just happens to be so many quarterbacks who may or may not be taken in the first round. We have Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen (Drink!), Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson, and, to a somewhat lesser extent Mason Rudolph. By this time of year the debate around quarterbacks is already tired. When you have this many it is just sensory overload.

The Saquon Barkley Debate – At one point they were talking about Barkley going first overall to the Cleveland Browns. Now, everyone is certain he is going second overall to the Giants. Except those people that have the Giants taking Bradley Chubb or a quarterback. There are a lot of debates on social media and tons of articles discussing whether Barkley is worth being picked that high, if any running back is worth being picked that high. We can’t wait for the draft so we can finally put this puppy to rest. Ah, who are we kidding, this will be discussed for years regardless of how he performs in the NFL.

The NFL Combine – Nothing gets more annoying this time of year than someone saying a person with great production on the field for three or four years is suddenly unworthy of a first round pick because he didn’t bench press enough. Or he had an off day running a 40-yard dash. Putting too much stock in the NFL Combine can lead to disasters. It should be part of an overall evaluation but should not, by any means, ruin or even make, a prospect. Anyone who knows Mike Mamula’s name understands.

The Trade Rumors – At this point the potential trade rumors are enough to drive you mad. You can make a drinking game with it by chugging a beer every time you hear a new one. We don’t actually condone it because you might die doing that but we are okay if you take a sip for every rumor. If you are a fan of the Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, or New York Giants these rumors right now are enough to drive you crazy. Every day there is a new scenario and reporters everywhere rush to confirm or deny them. Of course one reporter will confirm while another says they are unfounded. But in the age of clicks and views (we know, we are a website who wants your clicks and views and we thank you for clicking over and viewing) sensationalism sells so the rumors take off. April 26, 2018 can’t come soon enough.

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